Our custom-designed services and solutions help create and sustain cultures of high engagement and performance.

Strategies to define the future. Reveal opportunities. Connect your big picture vision and objectives with tangible solutions.

People-Focused Solutions

Attracting and retaining a workforce of highly skilled employees is crucial to your organization’s success. Tidemark offers talent solutions supported with assessment feedback to help people learn and succeed

“Clare Cox has been instrumental in improving our organizational performance around training, coaching, and personal/professional development for not only our senior leadership team, but for all levels of leaders at MountainOne Bank. She has helped us attract, grow and retain top talent while helping to maximize the collaboration of our teams for success. Clare has helped position us strategically for success in our industry!”

Lynn Sullivan, MountainOne Bank
Senior Vice President & Executive of Community Banking

Talent Selection

Remove the guesswork from matching talent-to-job.


Tailor the new employee experience using assessment insights.


Guide people toward success in their personal and professional journey.


Teach specific skills and behaviors to increase individual and team effectiveness.

Leadership Development

Develop and grow leaders at every level, and through critical leadership transitions.

Team Building

Explore team characteristics, talents, compatibility, dynamics, and strategies to adapt.

Assessments & Reports


Do you have…

  • A way to DISCOVER your talent?
  • A system in place to ENGAGE your people?
  • A method to ADVANCE your top performers?
  • Metrics to measure PERFORMANCE?


Do you have…

  • A way to increase the probability of HIRING RIGHT the first time?
  • Data-driven tools to MATCH talent to a JOB and to your CULTURE?
  • Personalized coaching reports to ONBOARD and engage new employees on day one?
  • The strategic ADVANTAGE you need to compete for talent?


Do you have…

  • An efficient way to quickly identify organizational DEVELOPMENT needs and priorities?
  • A fast, easy tool to survey EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT to improve SATISFACTION?
  • A process to share 360 FEEDBACK with leaders and staff to improve PERFORMANCE?

Connect Your Big Picture Vision with Tangible Solutions