Tidemark Is a Workforce Training Fund Provider – Grant Funding Available Now

Tidemark is pleased to announce that many of our management, leadership and team development programs are now available through the MA Workforce Training Fund. Take advantage of quality training at a reduced cost. Programs (download list) can be customized.


EQ For Life Series™

Successful organizations and individuals understand the connection between Emotional Intelligence and high performance. Our EQ for Life Series of training and coaching programs provides ways to develop and critical EQ skills.

All programs can be customized to address organizational and team needs and objectives. Tidemark has over 10 years of experience presenting and teaching on the topic of emotional-social intelligence, and is certified in one of the most highly regarded assessment tools in the workplace, the MHS EQ-i.

Leading With EQ
Leading With EQ is a workshop learning experience coupled with one-on-one coaching that explores how Emotional Intelligence is linked to leadership effectiveness. The powerful blend of training and coaching, which utilizes the EQ-i Leadership assessment/report, is ideal for managers and senior professionals. The EQ-i process and tool comes with the perfect building blocks to reach your leadership potential in four key dimensions: Authenticity, Coaching, Insight & Innovation. Personalized feedback includes a snapshot of how your EQ compares to that of other leaders, insights into your leadership strengths, and potential areas for development.

Emotionally Intelligent Teams
In our Emotionally Intelligent Teams workshop, teams learn the impact of social-emotional factors on team dynamics by developing stronger emotional awareness. This training focuses on learning, building and practicing the skills, attitudes and behaviors of high functioning teams: Trust, Ability to Handle Conflict, Genuine Commitment, Accountability and Attention to Results. Leveraging insights from the EQ-i Workplace assessment/report, participants acquire techniques for improving communication, working relationships, collaboration, stress management, and job satisfaction.