Talent Development

From the most experienced executive to the employee in the early stages of their career, Tidemark offers a range of training, education, coaching and mentoring programs for developing talent and maximizing potential. 

Each program can be tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of the target audience, and to focus on a specific topic, skill or competency. We help organizations build and sustain a culture of learning that promotes opportunity for growth and career advancement.

Tidemark’s approach to supporting our clients’ talent development goals is to encourage the design of career ladders and professional development programs that align with strategic workforce planning. Our development programs address a range of focus areas including:

  • • Leadership Development
  • • Team Building
  • • Coaching & Mentoring
  • • Emotional Intelligence

Download a PDF list of our of our training offerings.

Management and Leadership Essentials
Ideal for supervisors and mid-level managers, this course teaches the skills, knowledge and best practices necessary to succeed as a manager. It features a blend of classroom training, peer discussion, coaching and e-learning. Topics include: Understanding Your Role, Working Through Others, Leading Your Team, Managing Performance, Managing Up, Personal Brand & Effectiveness. A pre-course talent assessment provides individualized feedback on management-leadership style, personal skills, strengths and areas for development. One-on-one debriefing sessions cover how to use insights from the talent assessments to increase self-awareness and set goals.

Management Coaching: Handling Employee Conversations
In this highly interactive coaching workshop, team leaders learn how to effectively handle common and/or challenging situations they have experienced, or may experience, in managing people. The examples introduced reflect contemporary, real-world situations. Participants work in pairs and as teams to develop approaches to a series of scenarios designed to provide hands-on practice through role-playing. In working through simulated manager-staff conversations, participants receive continual feedback and engage in group discussion. Throughout the workshop, participants develop a range of critical skills such as problem solving, conflict management, negotiation and diplomacy. They will be challenged to manage and lead situationally–to think on their feet, exercise judgment, and render a decision toward successful resolution.

Executive Leadership: Strategies for Success
In performing senior leadership roles, the leadership challenge revolves less around technical and operational aspects and more on the ability to influence, understand the nuances of emotional and social intelligence, and hone skills in strategic thinking, problem-solving, negotiation, decision-making and presenting. This leadership course for executives introduces a timely range of research-based competencies and trends. Focus is placed on critical areas of self-development, to give leaders what they need to grow individual skill sets and engage in leadership as a shared process. Contemporary, real-world case studies are introduced in addition to challenging situations submitted by participants from their own experiences. The program features mastermind-style group sessions, one-on-one coaching tailored to each individual’s needs and goals, and access to e-learning content tailored to strengthen personal/professional development.

Coaching Through Leadership Transitions
This customized coaching program supports the successful transition of high performing/high potential professionals and leaders within an organization through job and role changes. The program’s primary objective is to grow and retain a pipeline of leaders that contribute ongoing, exponential value. Coaching provided by an external executive coach accelerates this process. Transitions may include advancing from individual contributor to supervisor or manager; from manager to senior manager; to executive. To successfully navigate each transition requires new and different skills and competencies, as well as a shift in perspective and mindset. What made the individual successful in previous roles is typically not sufficient to succeed in a new role and future advancements. Transitions involve growth experiences, from managing self to managing others and managing other managers; from functional management to business leadership and group leadership; to enterprise leadership.

EQ for Leaders
This workshop leverages the powerful integration of insights from the EQ-i Leadership assessment, with leadership style and motivators insights. The training and coaching helps current and emerging leaders discover new and better ways to enhance communication and teamwork to achieve strategic goals.  Each leader has the opportunity to learn how to successfully apply the insights they acquire about their management-leadership style, the motivations that drive their actions and decisions, and their leadership potential in terms of Authenticity (role model for fair and moral behavior), Insight (sharing purpose and vision), Innovation (fostering ingenuity and seeing challenges as opportunities) and Coaching (supporting and nurturing employee growth).

Emotionally Intelligent Teams
Teams learn the impact of social-emotional factors on team dynamics by developing stronger emotional awareness. This training focuses on learning, building and practicing the skills, attitudes and behaviors of high functioning teams: Trust, Ability to Handle Conflict, Genuine Commitment, Accountability and Attention to Results. Leveraging insights from the EQ-i Workplace assessment/report, participants acquire techniques for improving communication, working relationships, collaboration, stress management, and job satisfaction.

Rapid Rapport™ Communication Series

The competitive edge these workshops and seminars provide is derived from the innovative, research-based DISC model of psychology and the power of Emotional Intelligence.  We teach people how to effectively connect and build productive relationships with peers, staff, clients and teams.  Each Rapid Rapport™ program uses industry-leading online assessments and personalized Success Insights reports with action plans and other tools.

Adapting for Success™
This program series is for any professional that wants to learn how to adapt their communication style and read others’ styles to be highly successful.  It is ideal for developing critical skills: leadership, handling new or difficult interactions, negotiation, problem solving, sales, and customer service.

Team Acceleration™
Tidemark has taught all types of teams—including leadership, sales, operations, creative, and project teams how to tap into their unique talents to increase effectiveness.  Participants learn the characteristics of the four styles that influence team dynamics and compatibility, and discover the team’s unique composition and individual role value.  Team members acquire adaptive strategies to improve communication and build strong internal and client relationships.