Our mission and passion is to help our clients maximize the potential of the talent they have, and the talent they need for the future, in order to achieve superior individual, team and organizational performance.


Tidemark works with organizations to develop strategies, design programs and facilitate the changes needed to ensure they have the right talent, in the right jobs, at the right time to be able to compete and succeed.

Utilizing an industry-leading Job Matching process, we help our clients transform their workplace into an environment where superior performance is the norm.  Employees in a “best-fit” job are empowered to succeed, making it easy for them stay engaged.  Their job satisfaction brands the company as a “Best Place to Work” which attracts other talented people to the team.

Tidemark has deep expertise in designing top rated Professional Development programs that launch and grow careers for employees.  Focusing on development is a strategy for employers seeking to attract and retain a skilled workforce and pipeline of leaders.

Our full range of Talent Management capabilities include Employee Engagement, Talent Selection, Talent Development, Performance Management, and Emotional Intelligence for Life™.  Our expertise and capabilities in Strategic Planning includes Organizational Assessment, Workforce Planning and Strategic Plan Development.

Who We Are

Established in the Boston area over 10 years ago, Tidemark Corporation provides custom talent management consulting services to a wide range of corporate and non-profit organizations throughout New England and nationally.  We are an authorized distributor of industry-leading, research-based assessments and tools.

Our consultant team has significant experience serving as trusted advisors to leaders and business executives, helping them align people with strategy.  We are dedicated to continuously improving the value and quality of what Tidemark delivers and are known for our distinct brand of caring, commitment and collaboration.

Clare Cox

Full Bio

Clare is co-founder and President of Tidemark.  As a consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach, she plays a pivotal role in helping clients improve organizational effectiveness at every level, from Associate to CEO.  Her expertise in the application of performance psychology and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace has been instrumental in showing organizations how to select, develop and retain top talent.

Bob Miller

Full Bio

As the co-founder of Tidemark, Bob has over 30 years of marketing, sales and business development experience in industries that include consumer goods, manufacturing, transportation, technology, banking, financial services, and healthcare.  He has developed Tidemark’s strategic alliances and partnerships for expansion into new markets, including higher education.